Caravan To Midnight with John B Wells | Jade Helm Decoded | June 19, 2015


Jade Helm 2 Decoded: Today we welcome a learned network/software engineer’s analysis of what’s really behind the

Dr. Carmen Boulter | Egypt | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church, May 26, 2015


Interview start: 32:00 min.

Dr. Carmen Boulter is back with us and we discuss her breaking news on the Hawara Labrynth in Egypt. She details everything about the size, rooms, levels and what the recent scans show that she had with Klaus Dona late last year. This is potentially the biggest discovery of our lifetime...

NASA calls STS-75 UFO gathering "STAR TREK" | Martyn Subbs NASA Archives

Source: Martyn Stubbs youtube

1st. NASA says we see ice, but @ 2:50 it is changed to stars! BUT these "STARS" are OVER THE EARTH!!! They are UFOs & CAP COM says he is waiting for STAR TREK "credits". Totally weird NASA comments: 'THIS IS LIVING PROOF THAT WE SEE STARS IN THE DAYTIME" to explain the UFOs even though WE SEE many UFOs (Stars?) are visible OVER THE PLANET? From my NASA UFO Archives. -Martyn Subbs

Joseph Farrell | Hidden Metaphysics, History & Philosophy | JaysAnalysis Podcast | June 18, 2015


Dr. Joseph P. Farrell joined me to discuss all things hidden, from the topological metaphor of Hermes, the mathematical principles behind the gods, the analogues and lattices, frequency and energy, Eastern metaphysics, plasma and the ancient Greeks, Star Wars and the weaponization of space, covert spy and space programs, Heisenberg and Dirac, and the history of Venice and Templarism. Dr. Farrell's works can be found at his Giza Death Star site.

Earthfiles News | Ceres Bright Spots Still Mysterious | June 18, 2015


On June 6, 2015, NASA/JPL released a new image from the DAWN spacecraft at the lowest altitude to date: 2,700 miles above the surface. Triangular patterns of bright spots and no temperature anomaly in infrared increase the puzzle about what the bright spots are. Next closest altitude will be 932 miles by early September. Stay tuned for more Earthfiles News updates.

The Corbett Report | Austin Green Shines Light on The Shadow Ring | June 17, 2015


Austin Green of Free Mind Films joins us today to discuss his new documentary, ShadowRing. Written by James Perloff, narrated by Kevin Sorbo and featuring commentary from G. Edward Griffin, Rosa Koire, Aaron Dykes, Patrick Wood, Katherine Albrecht and many others, Shadow Ring shines a light on the secret powers that control the money supply and manipulate the world into war.

Description: The Shadow Ring

This new and exciting documentary will build on the successes of ‘State of Mind: The Psychology of Control’ – Free Mind Films’ follow up to the multiple award winning documentary exposé ‘A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995′.

Free Mind Films has decided to work with international best-selling author – James Perloff to tell the virtually unknown story of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and how that organization is the key to understanding how our world has become what we see today. Mr. Perloff literally wrote the book on the CFRs existence more than 20 years ago and now he’s back with a new book titled “Truth is a Lonely Warrior” which he is used as the research platform to write the script for ‘ShadowRing’. ShadowRing will entertainingly unfold the events that led to the creation of the CFR, the important players who were instrumental in the council’s success within American politics, and how the CFR wields unimaginable influence over the geo-political agenda of the United States and consequently the events that have shaped our world for the last 100 years.

Expert witnesses and testimony will be weaved together with a historical visual landscape designed to present the inherent complexity of this subject in a way that is palatable for someone who has no prior knowledge of the CFR or what power it has over our lives. Source documents will give credibility to these incredible and life shattering revelations. By providing the audience with the facts and avoiding opinions or conjecture, ShadowRing will break down the dis-information and unlock the secrets of the CFR providing fertile ground to encourage a new public debate on the ethical and moral implications of allowing such a small group of individuals to command such power and influence over our lives.

Fernando Cortes | Can Americans and Mexicans Unite to Defeat a Common Enemy? | June 17, 2015

Source: Radio 3Fourteen

June 17, 2015–Fernando Cortes is a Mexican national residing in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has been a self-proclaimed third position nationalist for over 15 years and has founded a handful of nationalist groups in Mexico that are geared towards guiding youth to becoming better citizens. Cortes was the MC at the recent International Identitarian Congress in Mexico. He is committed to helping establish international relationships among all identitarians, especially with his natural border, the United States.

Fernando begins with a broad overview of the Mexican nationalist scene and how he came to identify with the movement. We discuss the economic climate of Mexico and Fernando gives an interesting explanation of the country’s historical relationship with the US, as well as the transformations and tensions that emerged along the road to Mexican independence. Fernando expands upon the mix of economic discrepancies amongst Mexican land owners and the power struggles with Spanish-descended elites that led to the Mexican-American war and resulted in a huge loss of Mexican territory.

We then fast forward to the current situation of Mexican immigration to the US. We shed some light on how this upheaval of both populations is only aggravating the oppression created by transnational companies in control of natural resources. Fernando emphasizes how the Zionist/neocon model rests upon the economic bubble of US capitalism, and we consider where racial tension fits into keeping up this scam.

Further, we scrutinize the common cultural Marxist parasite that is eroding away at the identities and values of European and Mexican descended Americans alike. At the end, Fernando explains where the traditional Mexican mentality vastly differs from the mainstream, politically correct American mindset, and we explore how White and Mexican identitarians can establish a healthy middle ground to conquer our shared oppressors. -Radio 3Fourteen

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The Corbett Report | Financial Survival: Greece Drops “Odious Debt” Bombshell | June 18, 2015


The world is getting crazier by the minute, and this week’s headlines are a case in point. From the Texas bullion depository to the Greek odious debt argument to the China-Russia gas deal, James and Alfred cover the stories that are destined to impact our lives in the near future.

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Show Notes:
Texas Governor Signs Legislation To Establish State Bullion Depository
Iraq Nets Handsome Profit by Dumping Dollar for Euro (2003)
Gaddafi’s ‘Gold Money’ Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar (2011)
The JFK Myth: Was He Assassinated Because He Opposed the Fed?
Debt Truth Committee: Greece’s Debt ‘Illegal, Illegitimate and Odious’
Greek Bank Outflows Accelerate, Reached 5 billion Euros in April
Russia and China To Exclude Dollar From Gas Deals
PetroYuan Proliferation: Russia, China To Settle “Holy Grail” Pipeline Sales In Renminbi
#Bilderberg2015 Press Release
Bilderbergers Actually Determine The Policy For The Coming Year (2010)

Joseph Farrell | Akhenaten Prophecy: Mystery Schools & Gizah Death Star | Dark Journalist


Dark Journalist welcomes back Oxford Scholar and Author of the popular Giza Death Star book series, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell for his fourth appearance on the show. In a mesmerizing and revealing interview, Dr. Farrell outlines a fascinating web of intrigue and Hidden History that started in our ancient past with Egyptian Mystery Schools and continues with the tradition of occult practices in modern-day Secret Societies.

He exposes that secret holy orders such as the Knights Templar discovered in their quest for the grail that the legendary temple treasure was shockingly related to the reign of the controversial and heretical Pharaoh Akhenaten and that his attempts at revealing the secrets of the Egyptian Mysteries and the cosmic origins of humanity caused him to be assassinated by the corrupt black magic Egyptian Priesthood. Eventually he was erased from dynastic Egyptian history along with his powerful wife Queen Nefertiti leaving behind his vulnerable son, Tutankhamun, King Tut, who was also removed. Plus the shocking revelation that there is a prophecy concerning the rise of Akhenaten’s powerful wisdom in the 21st century!

He also goes further and outlines the details of a cosmic war in ancient history and how the Great Pyramid at Giza was used as an Interstellar, Time Space Weapon along with the strange fact of excessive radiation that remains inside the Great Pyramid to this day! They also investigate whether the legend of Osiris and the history of alchemy may indicate that the Great Pyramid was designed as a Gigantic Resurrection Machine!

This leads them to dive further into primordial esoteric mysteries and to explore the ascension of a high culture in antiquity that possessed advanced technology and an all-knowing spiritual/dimensional consciousness and how the memory of this culture was suppressed by powerful forces that decided to keep this vital chapter in world history to themselves as a way to secretly search for these ancient power sources and technology for their own purposes.

Featuring Dr. Farrell’s most cutting-edge research and analysis of hidden power and covert forces, from the ancient world to the present day, this riveting episode includes profound exploration of the secret voyages by the Templars to America hundreds of years before the discovery of the new world to set up a major mystery school and 'Templar State.' He further reveals that Columbus visited America decades before his 1492 voyage with help from ancient maps that were created using global satellites and were saved from the burning of the library of Alexandria and were handed down by secret hermetic schools that have been guiding humanity from the shadows. There is also a fascinating section on how the Nazi leadership wanted to know the connection between the mystical sect of Essenes that taught Christ and the early Egyptian Magic Rituals and Mysteries.

Get ready to see history and reality turned on it’s head in this fascinating, shocking, eye-opening, controversial and earth-shaking Dark Journalist episode.

Kristiina Ojuland | EU to Force Mass Immigration on Estonia | June 15, 2015


June 15, 2015–Kristiina Ojuland studied law and politology at University of Tartu. She is the founder and leader of the People’s Unity Party 2014. Ms. Ojuland was once the Foreign Minister of Estonia, a member of Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament), and served on the European Parliament in the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group.

Kristiina is with us to talk about the increasingly troublesome issue of mass immigration in Estonia and Europe in general. She sums up the demographic, economic and social climates of the small, relatively poor country of Estonia, where native populations are quickly being transformed by “refugee” transplants flooding in from North Africa and other Mediterranean countries.

We discuss the special privileges and benefits that are granted to non-European immigrants and the major burdens the social system is experiencing through receiving foreigners who resist true integration and exploit the social order. Kristiina touches on the important point of security threats that are presented with mass quantities of Muslims entering Europe, many of whom are lacking passports, have questionable backgrounds, and are seeking new identities as ISIS fighters and Jihadist radicals.

We expand on the crippling effects of political correctness in government and where this absurdity needs to be eliminated in order to speak frankly and honestly about immigration issues, namely the European Commission’s response to the recent boat crisis in the Mediterranean and their plan to impose non-voluntary immigration quotas across all EU countries. In conclusion, Kristiina talks about what she is doing to raise awareness about these extreme proposals and highlights steps that must be taken in order to preserve the continued existence of the unique cultures and peoples of Europe.

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‘Utter lies’: Greenwald debunks Sunday Times spin on Snowden | June 16, 2015


Glenn Greenwald, a US journalist who published the first reports on documents leaked by Edward Snowden, says allegations in the British press that Russian and Chinese spies accessed Snowden’s documents are lies aimed at smearing the whistleblower.

Back in Time Series | Dr. Paul LaViolette | Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion | 2011


Dr. Paul LaViolette will discuss aerospace propulsion technologies that have been under secret military development for over 60 years. Although he previously had long been interested in UFO's and advanced science his scientific work on gravity control theory actually began in 1985 when he encountered the work of American researcher T. Townsend Brown.

Jonas De Geer | The Destruction of Western Culture | Hour 1 | June 12, 2015


June 12, 2015–Jonas De Geer was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1971. He's a writer, publisher, radio-personality and an activist. He has been a leading personality in the opposition in Sweden since the 90’s. Jonas is with us to help make some sense of what is happening with mass immigration to Northern Europe and the US and the policies that keep these throngs of people pouring over the borders.

We discuss the unique altruistic attitudes based in freedom and democracy that are prevalent in these mainly White, Christian countries, and we question what has been reshaping public opinion about many hotly debated subjects such as gay marriage, divorce, the right to question history, and more. We point to evidence of a mainstream media agenda that is directing Western society to believe there is something wrong with wanting what is best for its own people, while an elite power structure benefits from the slow, steady erosion of American and European homelands and culture.

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