S0 News | NASA Bombshell on the Poles, X5000, Nova Caught | Jan. 7, 2022

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Press For Truth | BOMBSHELL: THIS Is What They DON”T WANT YOU TO SEE With Hospitalization Rates IN THE VACCINATED!!! | Jan. 7, 2022

Source: pressfortruth.ca

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is stoking the flames of hatred and bringing anger to the argument between the vaccinated and the unvaxxed as he continues to pin Canadians against each other and subsequently pinning them into a two tier society.

Meanwhile the numbers in the data suggest the opposite of what Trudeau says because the data proves that it’s overwhelmingly clear that more vaccinated people are filling up the hospitals than the unvaxxed, who are in reality still just as healthy as they were pre Covid-19(84).

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows you the data and also uses words from the horses mouth lord Fauci to show you that the truth is actually out there…they’re just hoping you won’t notice and most certainly won’t connect the dots...

Redice TV | No-Go Zone: Unvaccinated Lose Citizenship, Vaccinated Dying At Unprecedented Levels, Kazakhstan Coup | Jan. 5, 2022

Source: redice.tv

Max Igan | The COVID Plandemic - A Ship to Oblivion | Jan. 6, 2022

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Linda Moulton Howe | Within 20 Light-Years of Earth Could 10 Planets Have Intelligent Life? | Jan. 5, 2022

Source: earthfiles.com

Within 20 Light-Years of Earth Could 10 Planets Have Intelligent Life?

James Webb Space Telescope launches on December 25, 2021

Potential world around Proxima Centauri

Juno probe passing by Moon of Ganymede June 7, 2021
- NASA unveils audio recording of Jupiter’s largest moon

Earth’s interstellar “neighbourhood” listing possible locations for extraterrestrial entities
- Sirius A & B, Procyon A & B, many more within 20 light-years

Montauk Air Force Station in New York a hotspot of EBE activity - the Montauk Project
- Einstein may have been visited the station
- USS Eldridge was involved in experiments

Interview with Stewart Swerdlow, Ph.D., author, Montauk: The Alien Connection
- worked at Montauk Air Force Station
- “Extraterrestrials had their base at the bottom of the ocean”
- “Block Island..has an alien base”

David Icke | The Matrix Control System | Jan. 5, 2022

Source: davidicke.com

Red Ice TV | Owen Benjamin - Building Community & When Do Demographics Matter | Jan. 5, 2022

Source: redice.tv

Lana is joined by Owen Benjamin to discuss his local community building in Idaho & the coming collapse of what is left of 'civilization.'

S0 News | Bad Ozone News, Climate Reality, NASA Needs a Fix | Jan. 3, 2022

Source: suspicious0bservers.org

Michael Hoffman | Gateway 21 and the Occult Imperium | Guns & Butter

Source: gunsandbutter.org, revisionisthistory.org

- Michael Hoffman begins Gateway 21 and the Occult Imperium with an explication of the Reign of Dead Matter and its supposed inevitability shepherded by spirits of agents on earth working for the coming of robotics
- Predictive programming
- The Era of Must Be
- The invisible empire
- Symbol manipulation
- Ritual murders
- Time is influenced by space
- The Black Jack progression from 2001 to 2021
- The psychological effect of a sub rosa reality
- Cryptocracy as the shadow side of the government
- Masonic symbolism in the Kennedy assassination
- Sorcery
- Taking unnatural means to acquire power on earth
- Magnetism and the waking group mind
- An eerie indifference
- Pattern detection
- Nigredo
- The Truth or Consequences factor is no longer in play because now the truth can be told and there are no consequences

Aired: November 17, 2021

Dark Journalist 2022: Welcome To The X Blackout NASA Religion Continuity Of Government! | Dec. 30, 2021

Source: darkjournalist.com

Exposing The Deep State, Covert Control Operations
The UFO File and X-Steganography!
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the real story of Government manipulation and moves by all covert sides to control the narrative going into 2022.

Dr. Joel Wallach - Ask Doc Live | Dec. 31, 2021

Source: criticalhealthnews.com

Dr. Joel Wallach gives the definitive primer on alcohol, hangovers and alcoholism. Doc teaches the connections between deficiencies and addictions. He also gives advice for those of us who do want to occasionally drink some alcohol on how to avoid the more destructive forms and wake up without a hangover as well as answering an unusually large number of questions from our interested and engaged audience.

Max Igan | The Power of Words | Dec. 31, 2021

Source: thecrowhouse.com

Dark Journalist X Arrival | The UFO File All Star Interviews! | Dec. 25, 2021

Source: darkjournalist.com



Dark Journalist All Star Interviews and Deep Moments!
A Special Holiday Treat with key moments from this years coverage of the UFO File Issue and its associated Geopolitical Fallout. Included are insightful rare and even banned moments with our top guests!
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