Jim Marrs | The Trillon-Dollar Conspiracy

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Jim Marrs addressed the idea of a "shadow government," and described how the same families or financial powers, centered in Wall St. or London, "created communism in Russia...national socialism in Germany, and now they are pushing us into Marxist socialism in this country," in their conspiracy to control the world. He also previewed his forthcoming book, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, which looks at how the New World Order, man-made diseases, and "zombie banks" are destroying America.

Jim Marrs, graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas. He served in the US Army after which he became a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Jim worked for and owned several Texas newspapers before becoming an independent journalist and author.

His in-depth investigative book, Alien Agenda, has been cited as the bestselling non-fiction book on UFOs in the world, having been translated into several languages. He is also the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, a basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK, and Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects The Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids. He's also the author of Psi Spies, The Terror Conspiracy, Rise of the Fourth Reich. And his latest book, which will be the focus of tonight’s interview: The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America.

Webbot Clif High on Rense Radio June 24, 2010

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Clif High on Rense Radio June 24, 2010

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Shell Oil ex-CEO: Oil well might "NEVER STOP"

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Shell Oil ex-CEO: Oil well might "NEVER STOP"; Suggests whole casing system is deteriorating

Former Shell CEO John Hofmeister, MSNBC, June 23, 2010:

1:00 Hofmeister: If you really want to stop a blowout the fastest way the most efficient way is you blow it in, you use explosives. ... Now the problem with that, that is risky... A geologist would tell you... that the fragility, the hardness of that salt dome, that sits on top of these reservoirs -- if you put lots ofinfantesimal number of cracks in that salt dome, you'd be creating a large seep, which you'd never stop, because nature finds a way to push oil and gas up through the seep.

3:00 Hofmeister: Matthew Simmons comments

3:30 MSNBC Host: It looks like we are facing an endless destruction of our, of our area here in North America -- this is going to keep going and going and going it looks like.

5:00 Hofmeister: The more oil we some coming out, the more it tells you that the whole casing system is deteriorating. The fact that more oil would be coming out rather than less oil, would suggest that the construction within the pipe is offering no resistance whatsoever, and we're just getting a gusher.

5:40 Hofmeister: Get the oil off the surface... but the problem with that is, they're still using so much dispersant that all you get is a little sheen on the ocean, but then you get these big globules rolling up from underneath that hit the beaches.

Dr. Fred Bell | DNA Frequency

Health Science Energy Show BBS Radio June 6 2010;. taped portion of lecture unknown date in chicago on dna, healing health energy Fred Bell specialty. Worth hearing if one is into whole health for sure.

Kindra Arnesan - Quoted on PBS Newshour June 23, 2010

Confirmation of the local overview Venice LA - 6/19/10.. Quoted on PBS today in one sentence. Hear the horrors of the front lines and behind scenes workings of the BP Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe. This Venice LA local has been granted security clearance to see it all.

David Icke with Freeman, May 25, 2010

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty | Origin of Oil

Col L.Flectcher Prouty, stating that oil is not a fossil fuel.

The Deep Hot Biosphere - by Thomas Gold, PhD:
Suppose someone claimed that we are NOT running out of petroleum. . . . Or that life on Earth began below the surface, in the dark airless pores of our planet's rocky crust. Or that oil and gas -- so-called "fossil fuels" -- are not the product of biological debris. You might expect to hear statements like these from an author of science fiction. But what if they come from a renowned scientist, someone who has been called "one of the world's most original minds"? In THE DEEP HOT BIOSPHERE, Thomas Gold sets forth truly controversial and astonishing theories: First, he proposes that Earth supports a subterranean organic domain of greater mass and volume than the biosphere -- the total sum of living things -- on its surface. Second, he proposes that the organisms inhabiting this Deep Hot Biosphere are not plants or animals but heat-loving bacteria that survive on a diet of hydrocarbons -- natural gas and petroleum. And third and perhaps most amazingly, he advances the stunning idea that most hydrocarbons on Earth are not "fossil fuels" but part of the primordial "stuff" from which Earth itself was formed some 4.5 billion years ago. The Deep Hot Biosphere may seem difficult to believe at first glance, but its theories are supported by a growing body of evidence, and by the indisputable stature and seriousness Thomas Gold brings to any scientific enterprise. In this book we see a brilliant and boldly original thinker, increasingly a rarity in modern science, as he develops revolutionary conclusions about the fundamental workings of our planet, the origins of life on Earth, the nature of earthquakes, and even the likelihood of life on -- or within -- other planets.

freeenergynews.com/Abiotic Oil

Chris Everard & E.A. Koetting | Truth Frequency Interview 06-12-10

Source: truthfrequencyradio.comenigmatv.com

'This week we welcome Chris Everard of Enigma TV & Author E.A. Koetting for a round table discussion to reveal the dark rituals and practices of the elite. Many radio shows have delved into the "why" of these black magicians but very few explore the "how". Chris Everard, as many of you know, is a demonoligst with extensive research into the field of the occult, the spirit world and satanic rituals. E.A. Koetting is a black magician who has mastered the black arts and will share his experiences first hand.

While we do not condone the practice of black magic, this will be an interesting look into the the darker side of the truth.'

Laird Scranton | Science and Symbols of the Dogon

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20 June 2010—(audio above) Laird Scranton, author of The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition and Sacred Symbols of the Dogon: The Key to Advanced Science in the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, has done extensive research on the intriguing Dogon people of North West Africa, their symbols, myths and mysterious origins of their knowledge.

He has a new book coming out in October called The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol: From the Dogon and Ancient Egypt to India, Tibet, and China.

Preview: Jim Marrs on VERITAS with Mel Fabregas - The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy

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Jim Marrs on VERITAS with Mel Fabregas - The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy. So many topics were discussed on this interviewe that it is hard to even include them all. The bottom line is, as Jim Marrs says: If it's not an act of God, it's a conspiracy! To listen to the entire show, which is based on Jim Marr's latest book - The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.

ESA's reply to Richard Hoagland

Source: theunexplained.tv

Senior European Space Agency man Olivier Witasse replies to Richard Hoagland's statements that Phobos is "not natural" - and may be some kind of "spaceship". (See post below)

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The Unexplained - Richard Hoagland on Phobos

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April 2010
This is possibly the most important Edition of The Unexplained we have ever made. This is the first show of any type to reveal this material.

Richard C Hoagland www.enterprisemission.com has information that more than suggests Europe's Space Agency has, and is set to publicly confirm, information proving the Mars moon Phobos is NOT a natural structure.

Dave Derby & Neil Foster - Trilaterals over Ireland, Confronting David Rockefeller & The Sovereign Independent

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June 17, 2010–We talk about "Trilaterals over Ireland", The Trilateral Commission and the meeting they held in Dublin recently with Dave Derby and Neil Foster, both editors of the Sovereign Independent. They also managed to stumble over David Rockefeller who attended the meeting and consequently confronted him at a hotel in Dublin. We talk about this and the Trilateral Commission. Topics Discussed: David Rockefeller, Attack on Iran, Peter Sullivan, Lisbon Treaty Vote was fixed, the Trilateral Commission Meeting, Greece, Spain, One World Currency, Euro, New World Order, Global Currency, Economic Collapse, Trilateral Commission, "Between Two Ages", Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bilderberg Group, Kissinger, Frontline, Censorship, Pedophilia, Robert Green, Ann & Hollie Grieg, Website Hacked, Chemtrails, Chemtrail Activity Stepped Up, Vaccination, Fluoridated Drinking Water, Sick and Weak People, Food, Preperation, Mylar Bags and much more.

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TeslaTech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference July 29th - August 1st, 2010

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Date: July 29th - August 1st, 2010
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Marriott Pyramid North

"Get up close and personal with working hardware."

Meet the Speakers:
John Searl
Robyn Benson DOM
Steve Haltiwanger MD
Warren Starnes
Moray King
Richard Motzer
Paul Pantone
David Schmidt
Greg Volk
Jeff Cook
Alex Petty
Jack Scholze
Randy Powell
Jamie Buturff
Marko Rodin
Joe Blankenship
Steve Bridgers
Dan Davidson.

Register today @ TeslaTech.info or simply call (520) 463-1994

Link TeslaTech 2010

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Inspired by movies like "Esoteric Agenda", "The Arrivals", "Zeitgeist"...
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