John Lash | Kalika War Party: Reemergence of the Warrior Class | Hour 1 | Dec. 26, 2014

Source:,, Parsifal, Wolfram von Eschenbach

December 26, 2014–John Lash has been a regular guest on Red Ice Radio since 2008, sharing the discoveries of his collective studies in the fields of directive and sidereal mythology, naked-eye astronomy, precession, the World Ages, belief systems, and his radical revision of Gnosticism.

He has also delved deeply into the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia and introduced the term Archon to the discourse of humanity. Mr. Lash returns to the program to announce the formation of the Kalika War Party, a band of self-selected men and women volunteers whose goal is “to strike offensively against all variations of the evil and corrupt system that works against life, truth, freedom, beauty, sanity, and the spirit of mutual aid.”

John explains how his exploration of the Parsifal myth and the Holy Grail question, “What ails thee?” led him to conceive of the KWP entity. We consider the wounded species of humanity and the suffering caused by the psychopaths who are leading our world to demise. Then, John describes how the use of magic and shamanism will shape the operations of the KWP, and reminds us of the true abilities of the shaman, which can be to heal as well as eliminate.

Later, John gets into the social evils of mind control, the domestication and pacification of humanity in the name of Christianity, the elite’s control of the narrative, and the gruesome, murderous, destructive attacks that have been carried out by the USA and those who control it, against all living beings and the earth itself. Then, John talks about the meaning of the Thunderbird Formation, the symbol for the KWP, and the reemergence of the Warrior Class. At the end, we examine the true violent tendencies of man, the popularity of war games, and the inevitable downfall of feminism.

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Max Igan | Freedom or Fascism - The Choice is Yours


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 3 - Episode 10

Download Entire One Hour Broadcast as mp3 | Stunning UFO over Glendora California


S0 News | Earthquake Warning, Ice Update | Dec. 27, 2014


UFO Lou - ''Who is watching who?'' - Very low object watching me? | Dec. 26, 2014

Source: U.F.O.Lou youtube

Description: You can jump to 2:27 seconds for the very low 'object' - I felt like I was being watched. New and old footage in this video. Watch in HD -UFO Lou

Veritas Radio | Vox Populi - The Chris Bledsoe UFO Story | Part 1 of 2


This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Veritas Radio. To listen to more of this exclusive interview proceed to

There have been many UFO cases addressed on various television documentaries throughout the years. Many of these are forgettable, many are biased, and then there are a few that present the facts as they are.

One of the latter was presented by the MUFON organization in October, 2008. The special was carried by the Discovery Channel. Titled "UFOs over Earth," the hour long show addressed an extremely compelling case of UFO sightings, an alien encounter, and possible alien abduction.
On January 8, 2007, this baffling case began in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on the banks of the Cape Fear River.

The main witness in this case is one Chris Bledsoe Sr. Bledsoe, a successful builder and commercial pilot, was well liked and respected in his community. On the day of the strange events, he was fishing with four other men, Donny Ackerman, Gene Robinson, David McDonald. and Chris Bledsoe Jr. The relationship between Bledsoe and the other three men was not addressed fully on the TV program, but Mr. Bledsoe informed me that Ackerman, Robinson, and McDonald worked for him as framing subcontractors, and had just finished a large beach home and gotten paid the day of the encounter.

They invited Chris Sr. and Jr. to go fishing with them. Bledsoe Sr. said, "Why not?" as his wife and three other children were out of town that day. They all rode to the fishing spot in Bledsoe's four door pickup truck because it was a four-wheel drive, and could maneuver in the muddy banks of the river.
Bledsoe took a walk away from the fishing spot, and spotted three UFOs. He returned to the fishing spot, and pointed out the objects to the other three men. They were frightened by the UFOs, and quickly left the river, seeing the objects again. After Bledsoe arrived home, and went out into his backyard to find out why his dogs were barking. He followed them into the woods, and saw an alien being.

After the basic details of Bledsoe's encounter were taken by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) investigators, the UFO group was anxious to gather testimony from Bledsoe's fishing buddies, but they had trouble locating the three for a time.

This, by no means, lessens the validity of their eyewitness accounts. Rating the authenticity of a UFO sighting as to the social status of a witness was employed by Project Blue Book in the 1960s, and was eventually found to be faulty. There is no evidence at this time to suggest that they made up their stories, or conspired to create a hoax. If they did, they did a remarkable job. All of the accounts given by the three regarding the sighting of the three unknown flying objects were almost identical.

Christopher Bledsoe is a commercial pilot, and from 1986 to 2005 owned an award winning construction business in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He was nominated as Businessman of the Year in 2003 by the National Republican Congressional Committee and was invited to President George Bush’s inauguration. He is a rescue scuba diver and, prior to his “experience,” was a noted hunter on record as having killed one of the largest bears in North Carolina.

In January 2007, Chris, his son Chris Jr. and three of of his subcontractors, Donny Ackerman, Gene Robinson, and David McDonald witnessed a series of terrifying sightings of unexplained phenomena. They were investigated by the organization MUFON and a scientist from the Space Industry.
Their experience was featured on the Discovery Channel’s 2008 series UFOs Over Earth: The Fayetteville Incident.

Chris currently lives in North Carolina, with his wife Yvonne and their four children. He owns chickens and dogs and keeps a large garden. He loves backpacking and nature. Since his experience Chris has given up the sport of hunting.

Dr. Matthew Buckley | How Monsanto is Destroying the Brains and Health of Everyone | Dec. 24, 2014

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,

Dr. Matthew Buckley, PSc.D. entered the health care field largely to understand and resolve his personal struggles with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia which began late in his teens. His ongoing study of functional medicine, nutrition, nutrigenomics, applied kinesiology, and energetic medicine has provided him with keen insight and understanding into the holistic dynamics of the body and how we lose and maintain our health.

He has maintained a busy practice in Austin, Texas for the past 13 years and works with people of all ages interested in maximizing their health, and overcoming the modern scourge of all forms of chronic illness.

We’ll discuss how all disease begins in the gut. The gut serves as approximately 70% of the immune system. It plays a significant role in not only our immune function, but also to our mental/emotional status according to a great deal of scientific research. Matthew explains how Monsanto’s product called Roundup contains a chemical called glyphosate, which is disrupting our microbiome. This disruption of our microbiome can result in an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, which triggers immune response, and this immune response would then trigger the brains immune cells, the microglia, to become overly active and degrade brain cells.

He’ll describe this process, what amplifies it and what health consequences arise from it. Also, we address the issue of eating genetically modified organisms and the damage that arises from consuming them. Matthew talks about the politics of Monsanto and what we can do to stop the madness. Later on, Matthew talks about parasites, the creepy epidemic that is here now. -Radio 3Fourteen

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Jeff Rense & Dick Allgire | How TV Controls Your Mind


Clip from December 22, 2014 - guest Dick Allgire on the Jeff Rense Program.

Charles Halt, John Burroughs, Peter Robbins, Richard Dolan | Rendlesham |  FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Dec. 16-17, 2014


Col. Charles Halt, Deputy Base Commander during the Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) joins us for the first time and he gives his first-hand account during the three day event. Jason Martell calls in...followed by John Burroughs, another witness to RFI.


Peter Robbins, author of Left at East Gate joins us to follow up Ep. 174 with Charles Halt and John Burroughs and the conflicting accounts from the witnesses to RFI. Richard Dolan then calls in and speaks about the case...followed by Chase Kloetzke.

James Corbett at TEDxGroningen | The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword


Since the rise of the internet people have changed from mere audiences into authors and editors. With pieces of technology small enough to fit the whole world into your pocket, a revolution might be on its way. The net is now mightier than the sword. This presentation was delivered at the TEDxGroningen conference in the Netherlands on November 20, 2014.

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D. | Doctors are More Harmful than Germs & Holographic Blood | Sanitas Radio


This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Sanitas Radio. To listen to more of this exclusive interview proceed to Sanitas Radio.

An advocate for homeopathy and biological medicine, Dr. Harvey Bigelsen has courted controversy and endured legal persecution, while helping to change the public perception of healthcare. He discussed beneficial natural therapies and nutrition, and why elective surgeries should be avoided. Western medical doctors practice "disease care management" rather than healthcare, and in medical school "we learn what poisons to give, and what surgeries to do, and we were taught never to use the word cure," he lamented. Medical research is consistently looking for "genes and germs, and nothing else,"-- in an Orwellian scenario, the research is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, who also runs the medical journals, he continued.

Bigelsen doesn't believe in the germ approach to medicine-- germs aren't harmful but live in a symbiotic relationship with the human body, he explained. However, germs can grow out of control in areas of obstructed or trapped inflammation, like a surgical scar, he said. Sites such as this, he believes, are the cause of Lyme disease rather than tick bites, and can be treated with neural therapy and isopathic remedies.

He suggested seeking a naturopathic or osteopathic doctor as your primary care physician. Dr. Bigelson employs a method of looking at a patient's live blood cells under a darkfield microscope. American medicine stains the blood which kills and fixes it, but "there's so many live things in the blood," that can yield diagnostic information, he noted. He offers a "remote blood consult" through his office. -Sanitas Radio

3 Interplanetary Shockwaves - Dec. 21-23, 2014


This video utilized the SDO Satellite and NOAA Spaceweather Monitoring.

Joseph P. Farrell | Nazi Tech | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church


Dr. Joseph P. Farrell is our guest and we cover all of his research into ancient technology, lost civilizations, the Great Pyramid, India and how this tech may have been discovered by the German military leading up to and during WWII...and how the info may have spread throughout the world to the present day.

Peter Joseph on the Market Paradox [Full Interview, BoomBust, 2014]


Unedited interview from BoomBust, Dec 2014 | The Zeitgeist Movement | Peter Joseph.

Laird Scranton, Cosmologist | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Dec. 10, 2014


Laird Scranton joins us for the first time to discuss the Dogon, early Egypt, Gobekli Tepe, India, Greece and their connections in symbols, language and high technology. His research shows us that most if not all of the earliest civilizations had knowledge that was commen between them in the sciences, math and the stars.

Joaquin Flores | Political Syncretism: Where Radical Left Meets Traditional Right | Hour 1 | Dec. 19, 2014


 December 19, 2014–Joaquin Flores is an American expat living in Belgrade. He is a full-time analyst at the Center for Syncretic Studies, a public geostrategic think-tank, where his work centers on Eastern European, Eurasian, and Middle East affairs.

Flores is particularly adept at analyzing the psychology of the propaganda wars and cutting through the noise of 'information overload.' He also serves as the Europe-wide coordinator for New Resistance, a US based revolutionary movement. In the first hour, Joaquin explains the impetus for the founding of the Center for Syncretic Studies, formed in 2013 as platform from which to view the various social and ideological movements that exist today with a broad lens.

We discuss the commonality between the radical and progressive left and the radical and paleo-conservative right, which hold the same values and also see the same things wrong with society. Then, Joaquin breaks down the divide and conquer tactics of our leaders, the dictatorship that exists within the US, and the importance of waking up to the delusion that there will be a government reform.

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Entidades Desconocidas en Texas / Unknown Entities in Texas


October 24, 2014, San Antonio, Texas – Carlos Gonzales getting images through his infrared security camera system. Images of spheres showing two recordings in which we can clearly see the presence of these mysterious objects. In one of the recordings we can see a strange luminous object with a kind of appendages clear and striking images.

El 24 de octubre del 2014, en San Antonio, Texas, Carlos Gonzales continua obteniendo por medio de su cámara de seguridad imágenes de esferas a través de su sistema infrarrojo, ahora le mostramos dos grabaciones más en las que podemos ver con toda claridad la presencia de estas misteriosas presencias, en una de las grabaciones podemos ver a un objeto luminoso extraño con una especie de apéndices una imagen clara e impactante.

Max Igan | Rebalancing the Matrix


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 3 - Episode 09.

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James Maxlow | The Expanding Earth | Legalise Freedom Radio | Dec. 21, 2014



World-renowned geologist James Maxlow discusses the theory of Expansion Tectonics. In a startling challenge to conventional geology, Expansion Tectonics suggests that the Earth has not always been the same size. Hundreds of millions of years ago, it may have been much, much smaller, with vast implications for the past, present and future of life on this planet. A single super-continent called Pangaea dominated Earth 300 million years ago. But whereas Plate Tectonics states that it existed surrounded by a huge super-ocean, Expansion Tectonics suggests that it covered the entire planetary surface. As the planet expanded – about 100 million years ago – so the spaces currently occupied by the great oceans opened up.

Expansion Tectonics offers a radical overhaul of many accepted ideas about the Earth. It can help explain patterns of evolution, how life spread across the planet, catastrophic mass extinctions, and mysteries such as how and when Antarctica could once have been lush, green and free from ice. The theory therefore has relevance to Earth changes that we are witnessing today. It also poses many fascinating questions: if the planet is expanding, where does the additional matter come from? What, if anything, can it tell us about the origins of the Earth? Is expansion occurring on other planets, in other galaxies or even throughout the entire Universe?

With or without Expansion Tectonics, the Earth does continue to expand, although the rate – just a few centimeters per year – is stretched across such a vast timescale that it has barely registered since human beings first evolved. However, should it continue, life on Earth will once again be profoundly transformed during the next few million years.

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Geoengineering Dangers Discussed By Officials , Agency Scientists And Other Experts


On November 21st, 2014, a diverse panel of experts was assembled in Northern California to discuss the profound environmental and human health dangers posed by the ongoing global climate engineering programs.

Northern California media completely blacklisted this important event and gave it no coverage whatsoever even though they were notified in advance. There were nearly 500 concerned citizens in attendance from locations throughout the state, and from locations as far away as Alaska. Some of those present in the audience also included city officials, county officials, and other public agency personnel.

Why did mainstream media totally ignore this major gathering which presented hard science data on the dire issue of climate engineering? Because corporate media's job is to block credible data from reaching the public. All are needed to help sound the alarm on the lethal geoenginering programs. Mainstream media will not help us in this critical battle, it's up to us.
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