Joseph Farrell | The Cosmic War & The Treaty of Versailles Template | Oct. 23, 2015


One of my favorite authors and yours, Joseph P. Farrell returns to THC to talk about the idea of an epic cosmic war in humanity's past. We've heard about this possibility from the ancient texts of many cultures, but what Joseph is now doing, is also looking at all the things that go into a post-war process when you're talking about a conflict of this size, and finding a plethora of parallels in the details of these texts as well.

We talk about the idea of a quarantine being installed after such a war, possibly around the Earth. Also, could UFOs be the remnants of a monitoring system installed after the large scale destruction of this ancient conflict? Are the bloodlines of Elite family's a ripple effect from the two sides involved? All interesting questions, and you can hear more about it in Joseph's presentation at the Secret Space Program Conference in Austin.

Dr. Paul LaViolette | Space, Sky and Earth | Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells | Oct. 23, 2015


In this edition we welcome Dr. Paul LaViolette back to the Ark for a discussion about anti-gravity propulsion systems, ionic propulsion systems and much more as we get closer to the Secret Space Program Conference at which Dr. LaViolette will be a featured speaker. Then, chemtrail expert Dane Wigington comes aboard for a Geo-engineering update, followed by video of his presentation from the 2015 Geo-Engineering Summit in Redding, California.

Austin/Bastrop. TX, USA
OCT. 31 - Nov. 01


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New World Next Week | Government Requesting DNA From "Private" Databases| Oct. 23, 2015


Story #1: Obama Targets Drug Abuse In West Virginia, Protesters Say ‘Legalize Marijuana Then!'
Why West Virginia Locals Blame President Obama for Its Drug Problems
Obama Promotes Anti-Heroin Strategy in Coal Country
U.S. Marijuana Use, Approval of Legalization Soar Upward

Story #2: Cops Want Customers’ DNA From Ancestry, 23andMe
23andMe Releases Transparency Report, Revealing How Often Cops Ask for Customers’ DNA
NWNW Flashback: 23andMe Receives Patent To Create Designer Babies, Denies Plans To Do So (Oct 2013)
Newly Opened FBI-DOD Biometric Center in West Virginia Will Help Combat Threat of Terrorism

Story #3: DuPont Found Liable in West Virginia Teflon Toxin Trial
Procter & Gamble Begins Work on Half Billion Dollar West Virginia Facility
Procter & Gamble Site of New Martinsburg, WV Plant Already Found to Be Contaminated With Decades-Old Pesticide
Survey Says: McDonald’s Franchisees Insolvent, Depressed, Leaderless
As McDonald’s Falls, Wendy’s Does Right Thing and Refuses GMO Apple
A YouTube Video Claims ‘Back to the Future’ Predicted 9/11 — and That Isn’t Even the Weird Part

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
NYTimes Magazine is on the case: "What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death?"
Peter Bergen: The New York Times' Bizarre Story on Osama bin Laden's Death

Santos Bonacci | Out Of Jail & Healing | Vinny Eastwood Show | Oct. 21, 2015


Vinny speaks to Australian activist Santos Bonacci fresh from a stint in a cage.Santos talks about the vital two choices we have as a species- The path of Truth and righteousness or the materialist road to perdition and misery.He is heavily inspired by Hindu philosophy.

Jordan Maxwell On The Dark Secrets Of Christianity, Islam And Judaism | Oct. 21, 2015


The Corbett Report | Canadians Vote For 4 More Years of Oligarchy | Oct. 21, 2015


Canadians enthusiastically lined up on Monday to vote in yet another term of Bilderberg crony oligarchical globalist government. Joining us in the election hangover to dissect the propaganda and unmask the Trudeau deception is Dan Dicks of

Show Notes:
Justin Trudeau: Canada’s “Hope and Change” Deception
The Trudeau Deception
The Democracy Deception
The Terrorists Behind Canada’s “Anti-Terror” Law
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Are Finished: Here’s What You Need to Know
Why No One Should Become President
And the winner of the Canadian election is…

Level9News with John B Wells | Caravan to Midnight


C2M Episode 326: Discussion on Bilderberg, Lazard, GeoINT, technocracy, total C2 systems, AI, NSA, data collection, and more...

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Cycles Of Time | Oct. 14, 2015


Clip from October 14, 2015 - guest Jay Weidner on the Jeff Rense Program.

Peter Moon | The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time Travel | Oct, 19, 2015

Source: Capricorn Radio,

Chronicles the most amazing and secretive research project in recorded history. Starting with the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943, invisibility experiments were conducted aboard the USS Eldridge that resulted in full-scale teleportation of the ship and crew. Forty years of massive research ensued, culminating in bizarre experiments at Montauk Point that actually manipulated time itself.

The origin of the Montauk Proiect dates back to 1943 when radar invisibility was being researched aboard the USS Eldridge. As the Eldridridge was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the events concerning the ship have commonly been referred to as: the "Philadelphia Experiment". The objective of this experiment was to make the ship undetectable to radar and while that was achieved, there was a totally unexpected and drastic side effect. The ship became invisible to the naked eye and was removed from time and space as we know it! Although this was a remarkable breakthrough in terms of technology, it was a catastrophe to the people involved.

The Corbett Report | You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING Truth About the Iraq War Revealed in AMAZING New Memo!!!


As the same establishment press that sold the public the Iraq WMD lies “breaks” the “news” that Bush and Blair planned the invasion in advance, James shows the documents we’ve had for a decade telling us the exact same thing. And people wonder why trust in media is at an all-time low…

Smoking gun emails reveal Blair’s ‘deal in blood’ with George Bush over Iraq war was forged a YEAR before the invasion had even started Episode 192 – Requiem for the Suicided: Dr. David Kelly
The PNAC Plan to Destabilize the Middle East (and the world?)
The Downing Street Memo
Blair-Bush deal before Iraq war revealed in secret memo
Americans’ Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low

Drone War Exposed: Jeremy Scahill on U.S. Kill Program's Secrets & the Whistleblower Who Leaked Them


One of the most secretive military campaigns in U.S. history is under the microscope like never before. In a major exposé based on leaked government documents, The Intercept has published the most in-depth look at the U.S. drone assassination program to date.

"The Drone Papers" exposes the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, revealing a number of flaws and far more casualties than the intended targets. The documents were leaked to The Intercept by an unnamed U.S. intelligence source who says he wanted to alert Americans to wrongdoing. We are joined by The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill, lead author of "The Drone Papers" exposé.
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