Whitley Strieber | The Communion Enigma, OffPlanet Radio, March 28, 2012

Source: offplanetradio.com, unknowncountry.com
Aliens and dead people...hybrids and human-like dimension trippers...implants that move to avoid extraction...the strange world of Whitley Strieber...a terror wrapped within a wonder: the enigma.

March 28, 2012–Whitley Strieber's latest  non-fiction work, "Solving The Communion Enigma" brings his post-communion experiences and observations into a tighter focus and wider perspective. The "enigma" deals with the paranormal events that are woven into the present reality...the lifting, so to speak, of a veil between worlds, dimnensions, and time lines. It is very much a spiritual journey with some very bizzare side effects.

Whitley, as always, is expansive in spinning the stories that inform the paranormal experience from a deep personal persepctive. He recalls of his own youth spent in a dark government pilot program for intelligent children; the connections to the military from Randolph Air Base to Roswell to Wright-Patterson ...the connecting points between childhood trauma and later encounters with non-human entities with extreme invasions into the body and mind of the subjects.

This conversation reframes the entire spectrum of the paranormal into a marvelous sense of wonder...the sense that humanity is being stretched, pushed, and pulled to evolve beyond our present concepts, outside of our traditional models, and forward towards something that he defines as "divine".

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New World Next Week | Trayvon Tragedy, Supreme Court v. Obamacare, World Banksters, March 29, 2012

Source: corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com  
Story #1: Trayvon Tragedy Exploited for Social Engineering, Class Warfare
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Story #2: Obamacare Reaches Supreme Court, Appears Doomed
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Background: Nullifying Our Way Out  

Story #3: World Bank Nominee Kim Tied to Gates, Soros
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Background: Meet George Soros

Dolores Cannon on TMRN, March 30, 2012

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Information Machine Website Promo Intro

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Just finished the first Website Promo Intro for Information Machine. Special thanks to all regular visitors & friends. You keep me up sorting out the best for you.

Information Machine provides you with the latest radio & video Interviews, reports on Alternative News  New Science | Geopolitics | World Events | Extraterrestrial Contact | Paranormal

Sorted & updated daily

The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story of Phil Schneider, March 29, 2012

Phil Schneider died in 1996. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military. During this time, he said to have had an encounter with a violent E.T race in the late 1970's which would change his whole world reality immediately after. This documentary explores some of the information Phil Schneider spoke about to the public in the 1990's by examining each claim in detail with expert opinions from Richard Dolan, Richard Sauder, Neil Gould and Cynthia Drayer (Phil's Ex-Wife).

Lucy Wyatt | The Bronze Age City Builders, March 29, 2012

Source: redicecreations.com, approachingchaos.co.uk


March 29, 2012–Lucy Wyatt and family live on an unspoilt farm by the east coast of England. The farm was derelict but had 600 year-old oak trees, woods, hedgerows and old buildings. The Wyatts restored it using mostly eco-materials and now share this special place with many animals. Lucy, studied International Relations and Italian at Sussex University. As well as researching the ancient past, Lucy is also interested in Earth energies and now leads local Gatekeeper Trust pilgrimages on equinoxes and solstices.

She is the author of Approaching Chaos which examines an alternative, an ancient archetype dating from the Bronze Age that helped cities exist in harmony with nature. This archetype influenced the ancient Greeks and Romans, often mistakenly admired as examples of civilized societies. In the first hour, we'll explore the origins of farming, domestication of animals and cities. She explains the intention of the original civilizations, in contrast to the Roman way. Lucy challenges the accepted view of progress since the end of the Ice Age. We'll also touch upon migration, catastrophe and the shadow version of cities. ~Red Ice Creations

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David Icke "This is Not a Bloody Game!" March 29, 2012

Source: infowars.com, davidicke.com

Dimitar Sasselov, Ben Goertzel | Exoplanets / AI, March 28, 2012

Source: coasttocoastam.com, lifeofsuperearths.com, wp.goertzel.org

March 28, 2012–Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, Dimitar Sasselov, discussed the unprecedented breakthroughs in exoplanetary astronomy, and how they will shed new light on our place in the universe. He coined the term "super-Earth," which refers to rocky planets like Earth, only much larger. A number of such exoplanets have been discovered in the last few years, and recently there's been speculation that there could be billions of such super-Earths in our galaxy alone. While the Kepler Mission has excelled at discovering planets, they tend to be too far from Earth to adequately study their atmospheres and surfaces, he noted. So the next big step will be to discover planets that are closer to us and to look for signatures of life, he continued, adding that there's a proposal for a survey satellite called TESS which could locate planetary targets amongst the nearest stars for detailed viewing by the James Webb telescope (the successor to Hubble). Sasselov also talked about the transit of Venus on June 5th, the only time this planet will be seen moving between the Earth and the Sun this century.

During the last hour, Dr. Brian Goertzel spoke about his work on artificial intelligence (AI) and its various applications. AI machines will excel in deciphering our modern economy and coming up with solutions, in a way that humans weren't evolved to do, he commented. Robot/AI nannies and housekeepers may be among the first machines people will have in their homes, he said, though the military could also use the technology to develop super soldiers. Goertzel, who moved to Hong Kong to work on AI projects, also talked about the "technological singularity," which he described as a point in time "when the progress of science and technology becomes so rapid that from the point of view of the human mind, it's essentially infinite." Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that this transformative point could occur by 2045.  

New segment guests: Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Terry Lee

James Corbett | US Using Kissinger "Food As a Weapon" Plan to Starve North Korea, March 29, 2012

Source: rt.com, corbettreport.com

The US has suspended food aid to North Korea after the country refused to cancel a scheduled rocket launch. Washington says this breaks the deal in which North Korea agreed to suspend its uranium enrichment program and nuclear missile tests in exchange for humanitarian support. Pyongyang says the launch is merely intended to send a satellite into space.

Kissinger's NSSM 200 depopulation plan: http://wlym.com/text/NSSM200.htm

Robert Schoch | The Mystery of the Sphinx, March 25, 2012

Source: redicecreations.com, robertschoch.com  

March 25, 2012–Robert Schoch, a full-time faculty member at the College of General Studies at Boston University since 1984, earned his Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. In the early 1990s, Dr. Schoch's geological analyses of the Great Sphinx of Egypt demonstrated that the statue is thousands of years older than the conventional dating of 2500 BCE, bringing him worldwide fame.

In his new book Forgotten Civilization Robert reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12,000 years ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future. In the first hour we discuss the weathering of the Sphinx, its origin, the chamber underneath and the mysterious Sphinx temple. We also discuss Edgar Cayce' s Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) and the current situation in Egypt. ~Red Ice Creations
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The Age of Transitions (full length documentary)

Source: theageoftransitions.com

The Age of Transitions is a documentary about converging technology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, life extension, brain implants, social science, propaganda, nanotechnology, eugenics, geopolitics, world revolution, and more.

Featuring: Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Newt Gingrich, Nick Bostrom, Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil, Anders Sandberg, Michio Kaku, Hugo de Garis, Kevin Warwick, Marvin Minsky, Charles Galton Darwin, Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley, William Shatner, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Cathy O'Brien, Alan Watt

Richard Dolan - A.D. After Disclosure, University of Leeds, August 7th, 2010

Source: exopoliticsgb.com, keyholepublishing.com

In "A. D. (After Disclosure) - How the World Will Look After the Great Change" Richard Dolan looks at how, after over six decades of quiet revolution that UFOs herald, we can now see the outlines of a reality that's been sneaking up on us one step at a time. The issue that got hushed up by one generation and turned into an object of derision by another now demands to be heard straight up in ours.

Presented at the 2nd Annual Exopolitics Expo at the University of Leeds on August 7th, 2010.

Jack Abramoff | Secret Weapons Inside Capitol Hill, March 27, 2012

Source: itsrainmakingtime.com, abramoff.com

March 27, 2012–We like to think our Congress represents us – but does it? When they first arrive on Capitol Hill, new Congresspeople are immediately sought out and mentored by lobbyists. With over 20,000 lobbyists in Washington D.C., the role of lobbying in U.S. politics is a critical key for understanding how our government works. This segment explores lobbying and the systemic issues that can stem from it. Jack Abramoff – former lobbyist, convicted felon, and the author of Capitol Punishment – joins us with an insider’s perspective on the political processes that corrode truth, leadership, and the ethical representation of “We The People”. Jack offers a rare and candid glimpse into the complex political realities surrounding legislation – how it’s drafted, voted in, killed, and largely unread by our representatives – and a deeper understanding of Congressional hearings, political immunity for insider trading, lobbying-related conflicts of interest, and high-level bribery.

In order to change our political system, we have to understand it first. Join us as Jack Abramoff, Washington D.C.’s most notorious former lobbyist, shares his insights into how it works – and what we can do to reform it. ~Kim Greenhouse

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Mack Maloney | UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn't Want You to Know

Source: veritasradio.com, mackmaloney.com

In the course of researching his novels, military fiction writer Mack Maloney discovered startling historical records of an increase of UFO sightings near pivotal military events. He discussed a variety of incidents from World Wars I & II, as well as Viet Nam and other battle zones. One of the earliest cases he found dated back to the time of Alexander the Great, when his army was planning a siege on the city of Tyre, and "flying shields" let out a lightning bolt that destroyed one of the city's walls, which allowed Alexander's army to get in. Proceeding WWI, "scareships" were reported by British newspapers in 1909. They were described as dirigible-like craft that emitted huge searchlights and could travel as fast 200 mph.

In World War II, there were reports that crews of allied bombers would see fantastic aircraft flying just 100-200 ft. off their wing. These strange craft, which became known as "foo fighters," would not take action or interfere with the bombings. One of the foo fighters was described as an enormous cigar-shaped, brightly lit craft that flew in formation with the bombers. Incidents such as these led Maloney to theorize that rather than ETs, the UFO occupants were time travelers who came back to observe significant time periods, such as during wars-- to see history as it was being made.

In the "ghost rocket" sightings of 1946, which took place in a remote area of Sweden, hundreds of long tubular objects flying in formation were seen. While they resembled cruise missiles, this was years before that technology was developed, he noted. Maloney also detailed bizarre incidents that took place in Viet Nam, such as when a bright object came down on top of an American base, illuminating the entire area, while all electricity was knocked out; and a UFO that hung over Hanoi for a period of two hours, while the North Vietnamese shot at it to no effect.

Pepe Escobar on GRTV | Responsibility to Protect: Exposing the "Humanitarian" War Lie, March 26, 2012

Source: grtv.ca, atimes.com

As the world recovers from one humanitarian peace bombing in Libya, and braces for another possible intervention in Syria, many are now asking how it is that the so-called liberal left have become cheerleaders for the very wars of aggression they once pretended to deride. As long-time investigate reporter Pepe Escobar explains, an obscure international doctrine called Responsibility To Protect or R2P has been the main tool for shaping this new paradigm for the continuation of NATO's imperial power grabs around the world.

Henrik Palmgren interviewed on The Vinny Eastwood Show, March 23, 2012

Source: thevinnyeastwoodshow.com, redicecreations.com

Vinny’s NUTShell: Henrik Palmgren www.redicecreations.com Feels like the world is changing and changing fast, it also appears that the people around us are under the control of a sinister scheme hatched in the very bowels of scumbaggery. But we can all wake up and do what is right, not because we have to, but because we want to. ~Vinny Eastwood

Sgt. Clifford Stone | Eyes Only: The Story of Clifford Stone and UFO Crash Retrievals

Source: veritasradio.com

This is video segment 1 of 2. Segment 1 is being provided as a courtesy of Veritas Radio. To watch Segment 2 of this exclusive interview, subscribe at www.veritasradio.com.

Veritas is censorship and commercial free and survives on your voluntary subscriptions. Thank you for supporting our work. ~Mel Fabregas

This interview with Sgt. Clifford Stone was filmed at the 2012 International UFO Congress.

"My name is Sergeant 1st Class, US Army, Clifford Stone. I had a secret clearance with nuclear assurity. I was called in on special operations, I participated in crash recovery missions. There were bodies involved. Some were alive. While we were doing this, we were telling the world there was nothing to it."

Wow. It's great to hear from someone who's actually worked with crashed UFOs, and the ETs found on board. Retired from the U.S. Army after 22 years, Sgt. Stone has been revealing what he saw and knows since Dr. Steven Greer's 2001 National Press Club DISCLOSURE PROJECT conference. You've seen the YouTube footage (over a billion views, Mel says). Stone is the guy whose answer to a question is that the government has catalogued at least 57 ET species.

Stone was trained to be an ET first responder. He had a kind of field guide to ET types and how to keep them alive until medics arrived.

Stone was also an interfacer, brought in to communicate with live EBEs; telepathically, of course.

Like so many whose lives become entangled with ET realities, Stone hints that he was probably cultivated from a young age for future assignments. He talks about one strange "training mission" to "Florida," where they came upon Grays at a gently placed, but shrapnel spewed B-52 in what was likely a Cambodian jungle. "CLIF-FORD. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" He is asked, telepathically.

We hear about a downed craft in Virginia, of all places, where Stone was brought in to interface with an EBE. The little guy exuded fear. He asked Stone for help. Said there was a big problem ahead. Stone got ET home, safe and sound.

Why are we seeing so many UFOs these days, Mel asks.

"I think they know something we don't, and that's the part that worries me," says Stone.

Stone has amassed over 500 million pages of documents in support of his case that the U.S. has been involved with ETs since the early 40s, if not before, and he's still at it. He's got a new book out that he hopes will encourage others to reveal their ET experiences.

"Our visitors have rogue elements with access to technology," Stone says. "But with that said, if any of these rogue elements were to threaten us, others would come to our aid and neutralize that threat. That may be what's happening out in space. Something is.

"Someone needs to come and say: 'First of all don't panic, but here's the facts.' That will be the start of disclosure. Otherwise some event is going to happen that thousands of people will witness. A lot of people will panic and we'll be our own worst enemies.

"I want my message to be one of enlightenment, and hope for a new beginning and a brighter future. Yes they're here. They're not hostile. They are very spiritually and technologically evolved. They mean us no harm."

You'll want to catch Mel's 2009 interview with Sgt. Stone in the Veritas archives.
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