Peter Sterling | Hearing the Angels Sing, Offplanet Radio, September 26, 2012


I was first introduced to the sounds of Peter Sterling while travelling in Sedona in 2011. that encounter was the incredibly rich frequencies of his harp being played inside a crop circle at Wiltshire, accompanied with crystal bowl (played by his partner, Crystal).

Coincidentally/synchronistically, the album, "Circles Of Light" became a meditation soundtrack for me for many moons. It would be a full year before Peter and I connected to do this interview. We talk about the effects of light and sound as means to elevate human consciousness and to open up the chakras and third eye, and activate DNA.

Peter's work links the arts to the new paradigm shift that is now occurring, and this interview is very much a "state-of-the-heart" disclosure. Peter's first book, "Hearing The Angels Sing" includes a 70 minute CD of all new music composed for this project. ~Randy Maugans
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