Richard Spencer | Surviving The Global Monoculture | Hour 1 | Jan. 30, 2015


January 30, 2015–Richard Spencer is President of The National Policy Institute and Editor of Washington Summit Publishers, Radix Journal, and He was formerly an Assistant Editor at The American Conservative magazine and Executive Editor of Taki's Magazine. In 2010, he founded, which he edited until 2012. He attended University of Virginia and University of Chicago and was a doctoral student at Duke University before dropping out to pursue a life of thought-crime.

Richard joins us to discuss the world of multiculturalism, how the elites are moving us towards a monoculture, and what Americans and Europeans can do to encourage a more traditional culture that honors our Western roots. We talk about the march in Paris following the January 2015 shooting attacks, an event staged as a rally for free speech and led by leaders who are the farthest from advocating this liberty. Richard underlines some of the problematic policies that are promoting a perpetual state of culture clash in Europe.

We consider the failure of the West to fully understand Islam but also discuss how defending Zionism is not our fight. Richard suggests reasons why Liberalism is inherently intolerant, and how we can embrace letting other cultures who do not hold our values live out their own destiny. Further, we speculate about the end of the Leftist era and the beginning of a spiritual awakening that could take us past the current negativity surrounding our existence.

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