LIVE Mexico UFO Hearing Coverage and Discussion | Sept. 12, 2023

Source: Cristina Gomez youtube


TRANSLATED SUBTITLES WILL BE ADDED SOON - Jimmy Church of Fade to Black Radio joins me again for LIVE coverage, and post-discussion of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies landmark Public Hearing on UFOs. The ‘Morenista’ representative Sergio Gutiéerez Luna stated, “Mexico is now joining the global movement of nations that are embracing an extraordinary new reality with the potential to shape our children’s future,”.

00:00 - Pre-Commentary
01:05:01 - Diputado Sergio Carlos Luna Speaks
01:09:51 - Swearing under Oath
01:10:47 - Jaime Maussan, Mexican Ufologist
01:21:14 - Dr. Avi Loeb, Harvard Professor
01:36:26 - Mariano Tello, Director of the Center for Attention to Society, INAI
01:44:26 - Ryan Graves, US Navy Pilot
01:55:33 - Robert Salas, Retired US Air Force Officer
02:20:33 - Julio Darwish, Mexican Pilot
02:29:27 - Enrique Kolbeck, Air Traffic Controller in Mexico
02:41:25 - Andrea Simondini, Director of ALAS, Argentinian UFO Center
02:49:55 - Yoshiharu Asakawa, House of Representatives of Japan
03:07:53 - Rony Vernet, Brazilian Ufologist
03:21:27 - Michael Vaillant, Consultant at French Space Center and Works at GEIPAN
03:56:13 - Dr. José Zalce, Mexican Naval Surgeon
04:08:30 - Ricardo Rangel, Mexican Biologist
04:18:33 - Ending Comments at Hearing
04:20:20 - Post Commentary

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