IRVA Conference, Las Vegas 18-20 June, 2010


 The International Remote Viewing Association is pleased to announce their 2010 Conference. The Conference will be held June 18th-20th at the Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Green Valley Ranch Resort, is only minutes away from McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Strip.

Program Schedule

At 7:30 Friday evening, legendary rock n' roll photographer Robert M. Knight will debut a sneak preview of his new documentary on the life and times of Ingo Swann.

This authorized biography explores the numerous aspects of this amazing man including his childhood, his relationships, his life as a talented artist, his early experiments in parapsychology, and his role in the Stanford Research Institute/CIA sponsored remote viewing program, including his participation as a research subject, operational viewer, developer, and trainer.

The documentary features new and exclusive interviews with Ingo and his friends, family, colleagues and students, including Hal Puthoff, Ph.D., Cleve Backster, Michael Persinger, Ph.D., William Tiller, Ph.D., Kit Green, P.h.D., Jim Schnabel, Tom McNear, William G. Roll, Ph.D., and Ingo's sister Murleen, with an introduction by former CIA spokesman, Peter Earnest.
A film by John P. Stahler, Nick Cook, and Robert M. Knight
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