Cmd Sgt Maj James Norton has passed away


I was informed this evening that Cmd Sgt Maj James Norton has died. Info is sketchy at the moment, but it is this: a few weeks ago he was busted from CSM down to Private and posted to guard duty at a closed base. On Nov 13th he was found unconscious at his post and transported to hospital. He was diagnosed with cancer and Hep C. On Nov 21st he died in ICU. ~Kevin Smith

NSA Pressures Cmd Sgt Maj to Shut Up talking about UFO Battle

Cmd Sgt Maj James Norton tells about being detained and having the NSA tell him to stop talking about a battle in 1977 at Ft Benning between UFOs and the U.S. Army. He says he is now under surveillance.

Command Sgt Maj Reveals Battle with UFOs and Captured Aliens

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