Glenn Canady and Michael Vara | Richard Hoagland: Truth Or Dare? December 17, 2011


December 17, 2011–Michael Vara, host and producer of "Late Night In THe Midlands" and Glenn Canady of Radio NSearch join us to discuss the details and background of allegations against Richard C. Hoagland, the ubiquitous researcher/writer/lecturer, who originally rose to prominence with his book, "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA", and his work exposing what was called The Face On Mars"---said to be evidence of a long-lost Martian civilization along with other features believed are present, such as apparent pyramids, which are part of a ruined city.

Mr. Hoagland has garnered much media attention in both mainstream media (as an advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite, during the Apollo missions) and in the alternative media on the internet for his ongoing work as a "NASA watchdog", and for his often wildly specualtive theories on subjects such as the Hale-Bopp Comet, and more recently, Comet Elenin and the asteroid, YU-55. Many of his claims have been widely disputed, nevertheless, Hoagland enjoys a wide audience in alternative media and is Science Advisor to George Nouri and the popular late night syndicated show, "Coast To Coast AM".

The interview centers around claims and evidence offered by Gary Levierre (a/k/a-"Mad Martian"), who was mentored by Hoagland, and worked on Mars research, as well as hosting a radio talk show. The details of Levierre's claims are discussed in detail in the reposted articles and commentary here.

After I contacted Michael Vara to confirm the information posted on the LMN site (and also by Canady), we scheduled an interview with both Vara and Gary. A series of delays, and Gary's inability to make the final interview, neccessitated doing this interview with Glenn and Michael.

Obviously, the absence of Gary makes it impossible to ascertain certain details...I asked the hard questions pertinent to establishing facts regarding Gary's allegations that Hoagland, and/or his partner, Dr. Robin Falkov, acted to have Gary committed to a mental facility after he went for a routine medical examination (Note: Robin Falkov is credentialed as a "Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Diplomate National Board of Homeopathic Examiners", according to her website bio).

We also discuss the details of the ongoing investigation by both Vara and Canady into the details related to the mysterious "missing images" of Mars, that were given to Gary via an anonymous mail package containing a burned CD copy of a series called "UFO Diaries".The video featured Hoagland, and some Mars images that were not part of Hoagland's official "disclosures". Gary also details Hoagland's denial of the images, denial of recalling who the producers of the series were (MAJOR Hollywood producers, Chuck Sellier and Lee Shackleford); and the disclosure by Mr. Sellier that the images in question were either "Richard's...or NASA's".

We also cover the controversy of the "Mad Martian" allegations, which spilled over into Project Camelot and Project Avalon forums after a baffling post by Camelot founder, Kerry Cassidy, defending Hoagland and inferring that Gary is a mind control subject (see my letter to Kerry Cassidy). Clearly, while some of the proofs are still to be presented, Gary did hit some nerves...Mr. Hoagland remains SILENT, while his defenders wield only veiled innuendo and cloaked allusions. This is the testimony thus discern for yourself. The core issue remain integrity of those who act as whistleblowers...and those who would be gatekeepers of disclosure. ~Randy Maugans

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