Jason Verbelli | Truth Connections Radio, 10 July, 2012

Source: truthconnections.wordpress.com, vossamedia youtube

Joining us for the 2nd time this year, Jason Verbelli, independent researcher and experimenter, will bring us closer to finding the answers we seek regarding the unlimited energy all around us and the non-polluting powering of our planet. Using magnetic technology, cavitation, and following in the footsteps of leading scientists Walter Russell and Professor John Searl, Jason has shown evidence time and again that the key to a healthy and advanced future involves creating order out of existing chaos. Once we understand this basic rule, anything, literally, is possible.

In what we feel will be an essential two hours, Jason explains more about technologies and methods that are capable of powering homes, getting rid of nuclear radiation, and other revolutionary topics. He will also discuss 'new types of magnets'; the amazing new 3D printers that can print almost anything; breakthroughs in nanotechnology; the mysterious properties of the exciting 'memory metal' called Nitinol; plus LOADS more! ~Truth Connections Radio
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