Jerry Wills on VERITAS Radio | Extraterrestrials Among US


During this interview we discussed many topics surrounding the extraterrestrial presence on planet Earth, as well as a discussion about an interview conducted by by Jerry and Kathy Wills (on location) to Prof. Lachezar Filipov. Filipov was the scientist who reported extraterrestrial contact. He had a quite distinguished, mainstream scientific career.

Since 2005 Prof. Lachezar Georgiev Filipov - Deputy Director, International and National Activities Head of Astrophysics and Synergetic Division, Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

Prof. Filipov had given a press conference say that ET's are amongst us, and he was quickly muzzled and hidden away, before the Western Press could speak to him. We discuss this mystery and the interview.

In addition, Jerry Wills discusses his own extraterrestrial experience and how it was to grow up very different than other humans, including being 6'6 in eighth grade, his purpose, goal and vision after being placed on planet Earth. ~Mel Fabregas
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