Crystal Clark | Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns


Crystal Clark's latest work flows from her own experiences in "perceptual reality". She's been there, done that and has a unique skill set that allows her to dispassionately dissect the landscape of the planet with precision. This article fills in the gaps on what we need to know about the Controller's agenda, and their methods. It would seem "they" do all of this with our sanction!

Full article THE WINNERS WRITE REALITY: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns

"In order to know if they are being successful at changing your mind, they first have to read it. While there are specific technologies that can do this through direct application, that approach is ill-suited when dealing with a global population in the billions. The right tool is needed for the right job, and in this case, all they need is access to your personal information. This information is provided through electronic records that include everything from where you shop, what you buy, what you read, what you write, who you associate with, and which posts you like on social networks. Further information is collected through surveys you answer, census reports, music sales, show ratings, and even your political party affiliations. Through a process called data-mining, all of these records are consolidatedand then sifted to find thought patterns that can be interpreted as your personal disposition, i.e., your personality and character matrix." -Crystal Clark, THE WINNERS WRITE REALITY: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns
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