Civil-War in America | Mark Snider with James Horak and Crystal Clark Pt.2, February 23, 2013

Source: Ohio Exopolitics,,

No matter which branch of absurdity (death by ignorance) mass media is used to sell you on participating in for your perceived benefit, they must use propaganda to do it. Managing your perceptions of reality is a BIG part of perpetuating ignorance, because they know people will respond to what they BELIEVE is true, not what IS true. Again, ignorance is the cunning thief of free will—people will not make choices they don’t know they have.

1. Civil War
2. Gun Control
3. NWO
4. Global Government

Please be advised that this show ultimately took a completely different direction than the title reflects, and included black ops projects supposedly dealing with soul stealing, and many, many other interesting topics not generally discussed by James Horak.

This was a great show with host Mark Snider and included (but was not limited to) the following topics:
• The N.W.O has nowhere to hide—on the planet or off the planet
• The weaponization of asteroids (the recent meteors)
• N.W.O Corp: service=servitude; product=money & death; media is the sales division
• N.W.O weaponization of space and the introduction of the fungus
• The N.W.O. is using EBE’s and their craft
• Back-engineering isn’t as easy at is sounds: an Incan example
• History of astronomy: Phobos and Transient Lunar Phenomenon (TLP)
• Forbidden Archeology: Cremo & Archeological Anomaly
• Every human being has a right to the knowledge
• Records of prior human lineages are suppressed
• The latest find in Romania: will the public finally get the truth?
• Black Ops MILABS & Mind Control: another victim comes forward
• The irony of people who don’t believe in the soul believing they can actually capture one
• The N.W.O is a sick cult obsessed with physical immortality
• Mr. Computer (the complex in Utah): capable of collective artificial intelligence
• The N.W.O aren’t intelligent enough to discern between the psyche and the soul
• No supercomputer will ever know the outcome of free will
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