New World Next Week | No More Net Neutrality?, April 24, 2014


Story #1: Federal Judges Order Obama to Release Memo Justifying Assassination of Americans

John Yoo makes the case that the President can torture children if necessary

Life's Good If You're a Drone-Loving Criminal Regime: 'US Drone Strikes Continue With Impunity'

Makers Say Don't Worry About Privacy as Civilian Drone Industry Takes Off in Sunny Spain

Story #2: FCC Finally Announces New Rules That Will Kill Net Neutrality

Internet "Fast Lane"? Big Companies May Soon Be Able to Pay to Have Their Websites Load Faster

Corbett Report Episode 262: Pirate Internet

Cronyism At Its Finest, U.S. Government Arguing Against Aereo On Behalf Of Broadcasters Before SCOTUS

Story #3: #MyNYPD Hashtag Attracts Photos of Police Violence, Abuse

The Folks Behind #MyNYPD Are Learning a Tough Lesson Right Now

General Mills Reverses Legal Terms After Controversy

Federal Judge Approves Class Action Case Against Ford, IBM for Helping South African Apartheid

Colorado Crime Rates Down 14.6% Since Legalizing Marijuana

Open Source Comes to Farms With Restriction-Free Seeds

Vermont Poised to Enact Toughest US GMO-Labeling Law Yet
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