Grant Cameron | UFOs, the Clintons, and Disclosure | Sept. 9, 2016


When it comes to Disclosure, Grant Cameron is quite arguably amongst the most respected authors contributing to the topic. His newest book, The Clinton UFO Storybook, provides the true authoritative historical look at the Clinton's UFO story. It starts with the efforts during the Clinton administration by billionaire Laurance Rockefeller to get UFO disclosure, and the story ends talking about the box that was built by Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign chair John Podesta to try and ensure that UFO disclosure happens.

In this exclusive EMN interview, Grant Cameron shares his views on Disclosure and the role the Clintons, outgoing President Barack Obama, and the political advisor to them all, John Podesta, will play in the last chapter of the UFO Storybook and ultimately, ET Disclosure.
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