Randy Maugans | Blue Avian Cult Dividing UFO Community | Vinny Eastwood Show

Source: thevinnyeastwoodshow.com, offplanetradio.com

Randy Maugans discusses the media war with assholes in the UFO community:
The alternative media is shredding itself over the “Full disclosure now” UFO cult,
They’re attempting a “fakeover”,
George Noory is stumbling off to stage left,
David Wilcock needs a new act,
Roger Ramsaur (reported by the Dark Journalist to be a satanist) is doing comic books and puppet shows,
There’s a changing of the guard in the disclosure community!
It was Randy’s viral post on Facebook that was leaked to the Corey Goode camp and discombobulated the entire universe.
It also made Bill Ryan drag himself out of obscurity (after 4 years) to write an expose’ on the blue Avian alien cult & Corey Goode.
“Corey’s kids” is a marketing gimmick designed to bring young people into the UFO disclosure movement, using pop culture media like comics, CGI & other tools such as “Disclosure backpacks” full of goodness knows what goodies.
Even Jimmy Church is having a round table discussion on this topic,
asking the question: “Is the UFO community infiltrated?!”
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