Tom Campbell and Laurie Huston | The Immersive Experience | Feb. 26, 2019


Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Growing Up through Immersives. I'm back from my trip to Lumley Castle and Paris and wanted to share about my experience with Tom and what his Immersives are all about. For me this was a life changing trip. I believe that whenever you are in a group of Like-minded and Like-Hearted people for an intense period of time in a group of almost 100 people - it changes you.

Even though I have been doing interviews with Tom for 10 years, I didn't know what to expect from the Immersive and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Tom walks his talk, is genuine, supportive and loving! The trip was an Experience and although not everyone can afford to stay in a Castle or go to Tuscany (my next Dream Trip in 2020) the environment was beautiful, relaxing and nurturing. We discussed Point Consciousness, how it isn't quite as difficult as we make it out to be - that it is really just about getting out of our heads.

We shared how Tom's work is for the Left and Right brained people because it gives support and credibility to those of us who are intuitive, an experience base for those who are more analytical & need scientific evidence & understanding - while bridging Science with Spirituality. His work supports our Individual Growth and the Journey we all have to take on our own with his gentle guidance for our exploration. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We're Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

Thomas Campbell is a physicist and author of the My Big T.O.E. (Theory of Everything) trilogy.

For the past forty years, Tom has been focused on scientifically exploring the properties, boundaries, and abilities of consciousness. Tom’s research into consciousness began with Robert Monroe (The Monroe Institute).

His research later on as both physicist and consciousness explorer eventually led him to a better understanding of how reality works and consequently to deriving a big theory of everything.

Physicist, consciousness researcher, author of the My Big TOE trilogy and international lecturer, describes the nature of our larger reality, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and explains our purpose and connection to that larger reality. Along the way, Campbell derives a more fundamental science that directly answers the most pressing problems and paradoxes of modern physics.
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