Tom Campbell | The Science Behind The Love and Caring We Are Seeing Amid the Covid-19 Crisis | April 5, 2020


Thirty-five years of research in both physics and consciousness has led Tom Campbell, author of My (his own experience and repeatable experiments) Big (encompassing both the known and unknown) TOE (theory of everything), to conclude that the goal of our existence is to evolve toward lower entropy and becoming Love.

We are witnessing an unprecedented outpouring of love and support in this crisis from people all around the world. Their sacrifices, their bravery, their humor, their music, and talents are being put forth to support and uplift everyone through this pandemic.We now have the opportunity to see through the eyes of a physicist how this is supported by science and as Tom calls it, the larger consciousness system (higher intelligent awareness) of which we are a part. Our choices and free will are tested through challenges such as these. What will we choose?
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