Don Shipley | ex Navy Seal about Bill Wood's claim of being a Navy Seal, January 29, 2012


January 29, 2012–Nexus 2012 Forum Interviews ex Navy Seal Don Shipley about the claims by Project Camelot Whistleblower William Newel Brockbrader aka Bill Wood that he was a Navy Seal.

Don Shipley left the family farm in Pennsylvania and dropped out of school in 1978 to join the Navy at 17 years old. He spent a couple years in Yokosuka, Japan on a ship before becoming a Navy SEAL in 1984.

He served at SEAL Team ONE, SEAL Team TWO, the Naval Special Warfare Center, BUD/S, and Naval Special Warfare Group TWO, in Little Creek Virginia as a SEAL Advanced Training Instructor.

When not in a SEAL Platoon or deployed overseas, his time was spent running blocks of training for SEALs in air operations, land warfare, and demolitions.
Don retired after 24-years as a SEAL Senior Chief in 2003. As a SEAL, he preferred the challenge of Mountain and Arctic Warfare but began his career in the equally hostile desert environment, spending much of his time in the world’s hottest and coldest climates.

Oath Keeper's, who William Newel Brockbrader aka Bill (The Jedi) Wood claims are protecting him have also been contacted in regard's to this case. The Oath Keepers do not agree.

Maj. Rex H. McTyeire (RET), U.S. Army Special Forces,South Carolina Chapter President,
National Vice President for Eastern U.S.Member of the National Board of Directors for Oath Keepers

Quote:The complaint is against a poser calling himself: "Bill Wood". The interest is that he is claiming service he did not do, including time in a combat theater... which can be a crime. That is suspected to be a pseudo for a convicted sex offender by the name of William Brockbrader. He also claims in the interview to be affiliated with "Oath Keepers" We.."Oath Keepers".. have received significant volume of e-mail on the matter this morning, some of it from SEALS and Navy officials. Indications are that he is not, and never has been, a SEAL. Neither is he an "Oath Keeper". I am the Eastern VP of Oath Keepers, and retired Special Forces ..he is not "working with us" in any manner in any known name or pseudo. Pending evidence to the contrary.. (and I am open to it.. but unless it comes) .. I have to conclude the man is a total fraud. Pick your battles and check your facts before you fly over the target .. lest the unfortunate blow back on you before the flak even starts.
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