New World Next Week | Drones for Peace, Scary Charts, Morality Pills, February 2, 2012


Story #1: FAA delays new rules for operating small drones in US airspace
Related Video: "Towards a Swarm of Nano Quadrotors"
Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are Few, Obama Says
After Obama's Remarks on Drones, White House Rebuffs Security Questions
NYTimes Op-Ed on "Drones for Human Rights"
NWNW Flashback: "Drone Detention"

Story #2: This Is Europe's Scariest Chart
Related: The Impending Undeclared Default of 5 Major US Banks

Story #3: NYTimes Op-Ed asks "Are We Ready for a 'Morality Pill'?"

Background: Peter Singer
Related: Pfizer Recalls 1M Birth Control Packs After Mixup
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