Daz Smith | Remote Viewing | Tapping Into The Universal Mind, Inside Area 51, Secret Mars Base, Stargate | Feb. 14, 2016

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Bio Daz Smith: 
Daz Smith has been Remote Viewing in the UK since 1997. Daz trained in the Military technique called CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing).

For the past sixteen plus years he has practiced Remote Viewing and have developed it to a level whereby he now feel very comfortable with his overall accuracy and ability and can confidently pass this on to clients. Remember – a Remote Viewer is never 100% accurate 100% of the time but saying this, they can be spookily accurate on occasions. Most of the time they hover around the 60 – 80+% accurate mark.

Many examples of Daz’s Remote Viewing projects and participation can be found on this website and on many others where I have participated in public demonstrations of Remote Viewing. This includes large projects like four+ years of work at The Farsight Institute for Courtney Brown on the Climate change project, Multiple Universe Project and the (current) Mysteries project and others. All three of these projects involve differing schools of Remote Viewing methodology, working together to achieve the end results – We feel these result are stunning – if you don’t believe me take a look for yourself!

Daz has also worked over 200 missing person cases to date (July 2013) for the U.S. police forces in cooperation with the Findme Group, client projects and private Remote Viewing consultation group work.

In March 2009 Daz created and published the first Remote Viewing magazine – Eight Martinis, which can be downloaded for FREE or if you wish you can order a full color printed copy for your files. The magazine covers Remote Viewing, its use and applications in the real world. We are currently at the time of writing this on Issue 10 (November 2013)and growing year on years with tens of thousands of downloads and orders.

In 2010 Daz graduated the Lyn Buchanan P>S>I Operational Certification Program. This certification program is designed to challenge viewers to produce CRV work in a style and at a caliber that meets or exceeds new industry standards.

Daz has for the last six years worked for some of the main names in the field of Remote Viewing; Lyn Buchanan, Courtney Brown Ph.D., Paul H smith Ph.D., Angela T Smith Ph.D., Alexis Champion, IRVA’s Warcollier Prize and many others on both public and private/client remote viewing work and projects.
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