The Greek | Genetically Modified Babies! What is next? | Freeman TV | Feb. 15, 2016


Francis Crick Institute just announced that it will make the UK the first country to modify embryo with DNA altering. They stated that it is illegal to implant these embryos into women. If you know and don't speak, how guilty should you feel?

Will these new technologies change the very concept of what it is to be human? What is the soul and could our knowledge of the body be completely wrong? Is our understanding of the obvious so misguided? Is the alternative media the flip side of a media coin that is bound for destruction of nations? If you say that it was an inside job, are you not indicting your own nation?

Let's talk predictions. Will Apophis destroy planet Earth in 2029? Is our destruction due to our stark materialism and a cosmic karma scheme or is God ready to press reset. How many times has earth had a face lift? Sonic booms were reported in South Carolina and New Jersey. Houses shook and a boom left them thinking it was the end of the world. No meteors were spotted in either event and the military says they have not broken the sound barrier with any weapons.
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